Yes, chocolate can be healthy! In its purest form, cacao is one of and to me the best superfoods. When used properly, it can make even the healthiest of dishes taste a little bit naughty. 

Cacao is one of the best natural food sources of antioxidants, which help us with age related health problems. It also contains magnesium, which increases brain power and bowel movements (it’s extraordinary fibre helps cleanse here), reduces menstrual cramps, relaxes muscles and increased flexibility (excellent for us dancers!) and helps build strong bones. It’s alkalinity is great for those of us who have an alkaline lacking diet, something a lot of us don’t have enough of. This is amongst iron which fights anemia, chromium which balances blood sugar, and zinc helping to support the immune system, liver, pancreas, sexual fluid and skin. 

Cacao also released endorphins that make you feel blissful, and it helps to suppress your appetite which is great for those of us whose down fall is snacking (guilty as charged). This is a small handful amongst many other health benefits (it contains manganese and many vitamins too). 

The Mexicans traditionally use cacao in chilli con carne, however I have two drinks I usually make using it: a healthy hot chocolate which can be saved for the colder months, and a banana chocolate milk shake. Just blend together two bananas, a teaspoon of cacao and fill to just another the bananas with soya or almond milk for two big glassfuls. The soya milk makes it wonderfully creamy  and the sweetness of the banana means no added sugar is needed for the cacao to taste chocolatey. It’s also an easy way for you to get a superfood into your child’s diet, and I’m sure they’ll love it. I know I do! 

With love and light, 

Ciara x 

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