Coconut water 

Over the next few days I will be at Reading festival, and I am sure many of you or people you know have been at various festivals since the beginning of May. The 6 day camping experience is much to my mums dismay and she has sent me off with a carton of coconut water, all for good reason. 

Coconut is a superfood. In Sanskrit (the language of ancient Indian) the coconut palm is known as Kalpa Vriksha, meaning ‘the tree that supplies all that is needed to live’. Coconut products improve the digestion and absorption of fat – soluble vitamins and amino acids, as well as being immune system boosting as they contain healthy antiviral, anti fungal and anti microbial saturated fatty acids. This is along with improving the utilisation of blood sugar, improving the absorption of good calcium and magnesium ions, helping regulate and support healthy hormone production AND they contain powerful anti oxidants. My personal favourite is that coconut increases the speed of the thyroid and helping to shed excess weight. It calms urinary tract infections and supports cardiovascular health. 

And here is something even more amazing, and historical. Young coconut water is almost identical to human blood plasma, making it a universal donor. During the Pacific battles of WWII, between the dates of 1941 – 45, both sides in the battle used the water of young coconuts – taken directly from the nut – to give emergency plasma transfusions to injured servicemen. Coconut is, in short, a life saver! 

This is all very well, but why am I taking coconut eyed to a festival you may ask? Coconut water is actually very hydrating, and great to drink when you have a hangover. It adds alkalinity to your body to help mop up the strong acidity that alcohol brings. An imbalance in acid or alkali is never good. It is rich in potassium and a variety of nutrients that will help sooth an upset stomach, aches and pains and nausea. I am now agreeing that  

 the humble coconut will be a staple not only for this weekend, but many weekends for the rest of my life.. Wish me luck! 

With love and light, 

Ciara x  

The coconut water we buy is Vita Coco. It tends to have not too much of a sweet taste compared to other waters which we prefer. You can buy this from many supermarkets and health food stores, or we supply it here at Elysium. Drink straight, use as a thinner in fruit smoothies or mix with juice. 


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