Hello again! The Pippali detox 


 This is my first time posting after a rather long period of time and for that I apologise. My New Years resolution is to post more, and I’m starting now by letting you all know of a way to detox in the months commencing after the festive period. Say hello to the Pippali detox! 

Pippali (otherwise known as a long pepper) is a fruit with properties that help reduce and increase certain Ayurvedic body types. It has a digestive cooling effect, as well as stimulating circulation and the blood supply to the brain (amongst other benefits). These capsules can be taken daily or used on the form of the detox below: 

The detox is carried out over a 15 day period. On day 1 you take 1 Pippali peppercorn/capsule first thing in the morning and then abstain from eating until you feel hungry. On day 2, take 2  and abstain from eating until you feel hungry. On days 3-13 take 3 and do the same as above. Day 14 take 2 and 15 take 1, doing as said above on everyday (not eating until you feel hungry and then having a healthy diet for the rest of the day from the moment you eat onwards). This detox helps balance your digestive fire and cleanses the body. 

Avoid taking the capsules or carrying out the detox if you are pregnant or have cases of acidity. 
With love and light 

Ciara X 

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