The changing of the seasons – Ayurvedic detoxing

The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to detoxify your body, however it is particularly beneficial as we are moving forward into Spring.  During the cold winter months, the body tends to keep hold of toxins as it goes into hibernation mode and the channels of the body (Srotas) constrict. Going into Spring, these channels naturally open and it is the perfect time to cleanse them. There are many ways recommended by Ayurveda to enable this.  Ayurveda advocates cleansing or detoxing for your body type (Dosha), which would mean undertaking a cleansing eating regime according to your Dosha and also including certain practices into your daily routine to aid and facilitate this, enabling your body to clear toxins (ama) and bringing your metabolism into equilibrium balancing and strengthening Agni (the digestive fire or digestion), which then in turn enables you to illuminate toxins more efficiently.  This will make the body feel brighter, lighter and more alert, restoring its natural state and calmness. It will also promote optimum health and balance uneven sleep patterns!

Ama toxins are the product of incomplete digestion, which produces a tacky, toxic substance that clogs the channels that would usually carry nutrients to cells and waste out of the body. To detox from this state, steer clear of foods that produce ama more than others. According to Ayurveda, ‘dead’ foods that are processed, canned or frozen are included under this banner, as they are more difficult for our body to digest. Try and stay away from foods that are not organic or covered in artificial products and pesticides, as again these are not meant for our bodies to digest and make it very difficult for our gut to do so. Avoid heavy dairy products, mixing dairy with fruit, meat or fish or foods that are greasy or oily, yeasted or dry breads and fermented foods as again, they are all difficult for the body to digest. Favour warm, vegetarian dishes, light soups, grains (such as Quinoa) and spices. You can find a selection of vegetarian dishes throughout this blog! Drinking hot water at the beginning and throughout the day will help flush out the system, include lemon and ginger, as this stimulates and cleanses your system.

As previously mentioned in this blog, oil pulling using sesame oil is a great way to pull toxins from the mouth and brighten the skin and teeth, keeping you not only feeling but looking great!

The skin is the largest organ in the body and is the largest form of excretion. 1 third of the bodies toxins are excreted through the pores of the skin, so dry brushing helps to clear them, as well as improving circulation, exfoliating dead skin, improving the lymphatic system and reducing cellulite! To dry brush effectively, follow the tips listed below:

  • Use a dry brush with natural bristles rather than synthetic, and brush before taking a shower.
  • Always brush in long sweeping strokes upwards towards the heart, going over each area a few times and overlapping as you go.
  • Be careful over sensitive areas, such as the breast area.
  • When in the shower, alternate between the hottest temperature you can handle and the coldest. This will help circulation and bring blood to the top of the skin.
  • After you have patted yourself dry, rub yourself with a natural oil to moisturise the skin.

Taking a bath with Himalayan salt will help detoxify as well as soothing aches and pains.  Himalayan salt has many minerals that the body needs and by bathing in it these are absorbed through the skin.

So there you have it! A few ways to help you along with your detox this Spring. I will post another recipe soon to supplement this post and if you require any further information please contact us at

Hope this puts a little Spring in your step.

Sending you love and blessing


Samantha and Ciara xx

Elysium Holistic Therapy

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